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New World Without Strangers

In the collaborative economy, bedrooms are transformed into hotels, personal cars into taxis, and home kitchens into restaurants. Henry Golding finds out how meal-sharing platforms are creating new avenues for people to meet - and can even be the cure for loneliness in the city.

Dining with Strangers

Food sharing is the latest trend in the sharing economy pioneered by Airbnb and Uber. Apps like BonAppetour connect home cooks with travelers and foodies looking for a unique local dining experience. Annalisa takes us to her dinner with locals in Singapore.

9 Ways to Connect With Locals on Your Next Trip

The desire for experiential travel and “traveling like a local” has been on the rise in recent years, but how do you really break down barriers and connect with others while you’re traveling in a foreign land? Some places are easier than others to cross the cultural divide but, no matter where you go, there are always a few tricks and habits you can rely on to break out of the tourist bubble and engage with the locals.

Discovering Italy Through Social Dining

Many would say that food is a universal social language. What better way to discover a new destination, than by meeting up with the locals and eating together? Some ways you can embark on a cultural immersion experience by dining at the home of a local are listed here